What's Included in the basic package?

  • Over 50 detailed life cycle cost benchmarking models
  • Regular pricing updates
  • Includes haul trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, graders, bulldozers and more
  • Access to new models as they become available
  • Create cost benchmarks, budget models, feasibility models, plant rates for bids
  • Multiple reports and output to PDF/Excel

What is Mining Toolbox?

Mining Equipment Toolbox is a benchmarking tool for heavy mining equipment (HME). It is easy to use and comes loaded with a large number of life cycle cost models.

The data is the result of real-world experience from hundreds of mine sites around the world. Using this base data you can build and save accurate, cost profiles for your equipment.

You can share the results with your team using the multi-user version and print reports to PDF or Excel.

We update the base inputs each quarter and new models added on a regular basis.

Who Uses Mining Toolbox?

Cost engineers, purchasing and supply managers, financial analysts, reliability engineers, maintenance managers and cost accountants use Mining Toolbox.

In fact, anyone involved in the operation, review, optimisation, benchmarking and purchasing of large mining equipment benefits from using Mining Toolbox.

Mining Toolbox increases the accuracy and reduces the time to develop life cycle cost models. This provides a better understanding of life cycle equipment costs across the company.

50+ models
of mobile mining equipment

Including Haul Trucks, Hydraulic Shovels, Electric Shovels, Bulldozers, Graders, Wheel Loaders and Wheel Dozers

Standard Reporting

Reports include a life cycle profile summary, monthly cash flow, maintenance profile, maintenance ratio, availability, cost per hour. Base summary table can be output to Excel and reports can be output to PDF.

Site Conditions Modelling

Configure your model to match site parameters by adjusting fuel consumption, component lives, tyre life, GET rate and labour efficiency.

mining equipment toolbox dashboard

Regular Pricing Updates

Life cycle cost models are updated regularly with the latest component and parts pricing. Inflation adjustments are made to other inputs to reflect today's pricing.

Cloud Hosted

Mining Equipment Toolbox is hosted in the cloud and available wherever you have an internet connection. On your laptop or tablet.

Sophisticated Life Cycle Cost Models


Behind the scenes, the application software uses sophisticated, task level Life Cycle Cost models to calculate the ownership, maintenance and operating costs for hme equipment. The models include allowances for depreciation, cost of capital (interest rate), insurance, major components, minor components, servicing, breakdown repairs, frame repairs, lubricants and fluids, tyres, ground tool, liners and fuel consumption.

Mobile Mining Equipment Models

The Mining Equipment Toolbox software contains a large number of common mining equipment Life Cycle Cost models including haul trucks, hydraulic and electric shovels, bulldozers, graders, wheel loaders and wheel dozers.

haul truck

Haul Trucks

Mechanical and electrical drive off-highway haul trucks 90t, 130t, 150t, 220t, 240t, 320t, 350t.

hydralic shovel

Hydaulic Shovels

Hydraulic shovels and excavators 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 75t, 90t, 100t, 150t, 170t, 200t, 300t, 400t, 650t, 800t.



Bulldozers / Track Type Tractors with power output 230kW, 300kW, 430kW, 630kW



Mining graders with blade size 12", 14", 16", 24"

wheel loader

Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loaders with power output 160kW, 200kW, 220kW, 270kW, 470kW, 600kW, 945kW, 1100kW

wheel dozer

Wheel Dozers

Wheel Dozers with power output 370kW, 470kW, 600kW

Additional equipment is available to purchase as an additional package including rotary and down the hole drills and mobile underground mining equipment.

Who are Big Iron Consulting?

Big Iron Consulting is an Australian based Asset Management and Life Cycle Cost consulting company. Our consulting services include life cycle cost modelling, equipment selection, maintenance and repair contract (MARC) consulting, maintenance audit, maintenance budgeting and maintenance operational readiness studies.

We have been building life cycle cost models for mobile mining equipment for over 15 years. In that time we have performed life cycle costing studies for most major mining companies. Our clients include BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Anglo American Plc, Newmont Mining Corporation, Kinross Gold, Newcrest Mining Limited and Xstrata.

For more information on our consulting services visit our web site www.big-iron.com.au



Life and Utilisation

The user can enter starting life, end life and utilisation. All life and utilisation parameters are entered in equipment operating (service meter unit) hours. The inclusion of start hours provides the ability to model used equipment and equipment life extensions.


Operating Parameters

The configurable Mining Equipment Toolbox operating parameters are fuel burn, major component life, tyre life and labour efficiency. Based on these specific site and operating inputs, the application adjusts the cost and availability output of the model.


Cost Parameters

The user can configure parameters for local input costs; purchase price, interest rate, insurance rate, utilisation, fuel price, lubricant cost, get cost, technician cost per hour, tyre cost per set, freight factor and parts factor.


Summary Report

The summary report includes information for life cycle cost, total labour hours, availability, cost per hour per period chart, labour ratio per period chart and total cost by expense element.


Cashflow Report

The cash flow report shows cost, direct labour hours, downtime and availability by year. The cash flow report can be printed, saved as a PDF or output to Microsoft Excel.


Single or Multiple Users

Mining Toolbox is available for one or more users. Once subscribed, additional users can be added to your subscription.

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